Web Design

EPIC Web Design understands that you need a web site as unique as your business, and that you’re not going to get that from a template. Our talented designer will work with you for the results you want. EPIC Web Design also works with existing web sites. Since we build everything from the ground up, we understand all of the underlying structures. If you’re happy with the design, and want to add functionality or content, change your interface, or even optimize for faster loading, we’d be happy to help.

Web Development

EPIC Web Design offers more than just great design. Websites built with the power of PHP and MySQL help you to reach your customers better than ever before. By starting from the ground up, your web site will be built with you in mind. If you currently keep track of any amount of information manually, why not let your website do it for you? If you want 24/7 access to your customer and inventory information in the office, at home or even on your mobile device, EPIC Web Design will create the custom content management system that perfect for you.


You’ve got a great web page, now you need somewhere to host it. EPIC Web Design can handle all you hosting needs. When you host with EPIC Web Design, you’re dealing locally. With EPIC Web Design, there are no automated phone systems, and no hold time, We’re available for you when you need us most. If you want competitive rates and friendly service, we’d be happy to handle your hosting needs.


EPIC Web Design can get your eCommerce website off the ground. We work with existing eCommerce sites, and create custom eCommerce solutions to meet your needs. Using the trusted power of Zen Cart, a widely supported Open Source eCommerce platform, we can work with you to create a professional-level eCommerce site, integrated with shipping and payment modules.

Mobile Optimization

Research shows 25% of Canadians have smartphones, or other mobile internet devices. We design all pages with this in mind, so that your customers have information at their fingertips. Our websites are optimized for mobile viewing with the least amount of hassle. If you want specific information shown to mobile users, we can also create a second, mobile-specific, site.

Web Applications

The Internet isn’t what it used to be. Talk to EPIC Web Design about web applications. From inventory control to customer management you can access your data anywhere, anytime. Your customers can get in touch with you easier, and you can have dynamic content, targeting exactly they want to see. Let your website take care of orders, estimates and much, much more.


Know your customers with Google Analytics. Used by half of major webpages, Google Analytics is that extra jump your company needs on the competition. Know what pages people visit, when they visit them, how they get there, and even what they searched to find you. We can implement this tool, and even retrofit your existing site. These enterprise level analytics can tell you exactly which pages are most effective, and where we should concentrate our efforts.

Google Apps

viewerEPIC Web Design is an authorized Google Apps Reseller. This enterprise level service is used by some of the world’s most well known and reputable international companies, such as National Geographic, Jaguar, and of course Google itself. More than just email, Google Apps has an integrated calendar, document sharing, and much more.

Graphic Design / Photo Manipulation

What’s a professional webpage without professional graphics? EPIC Web Design offers inhouse graphic design. We’ll sit down with you and help you determine exactly what you need, taking your ideas and turning them into professional graphics via photography, logo design, and editing. EPIC Web Design can take your photos and remix them into something new. Whether you want touchups, colour correction, or anything else, we can create any visual content you can imagine.

Information Technology

EPIC Web Design can help your business with its information technology and telecommunication needs. We have experience with many aspects of consumer and corporate IT, such as technical support, data recovery, and pre-purchase consulting. We can always find a solution that fits your needs. We can handle most issues with PC’s, Mac’s, Linux, smartphones and other devices.