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A Resume Experiment in Advanced CSS

I decided to Web-ify my resume today. When viewed in a browser, it looks like a conservatively styled website.

However, no one wants to print off dark margins and coloured headers. That’s where @media print comes in. There’s two separate style sheets, one for the screen, and one for the printer.

Check it out at It’s a bit of a hack job right now, but it’s done now, and still a great proof of concept.

You can hit print, and see that the preview is a much more standard format (or print and keep it if you want)

Watermark Any Sized Image on the fly with PHP

Let’s suppose you have a ton of images that you want to protect from being copied.

The obvious solution is to watermark the images. Unfortunately the standard watermarking procedure of editing the image in a photo-editing application is time consuming, to the point of being impossible when dealing with hundreds or thousands of images, of varying sizes.

On a site like there are a lot of images, all of varying sizes. Preferring not to reinvent the wheel, I looked around for a ready made script or tutorial that would dynamically generate a watermark proportional to the source image.

Most standard watermark scripts have a single sized watermark regardless of the source image. This didn’t work for this site, where there is sometimes 30 different sized images on the page at a time all scaled down to the same size. The watermarks went from covering 10% of one image, to 80% of the next.

Obviously a better solution was needed, so I put together a custom PHP script. In this tutorial, we’ll go over a few GD and PHP functions as we watermark images on the fly.


An interesting WordPress Bug.

I noticed today that I haven’t had any contacts through my contact form in the last month. Not even the usual offshore outsourcing emails.

The first thing I thought was “I have an issue here.” If the marketers weren’t sending anything they couldn’t, they didn’t stop out of the goodness of their hearts. I, like most people, don’t email myself very often, so wouldn’t have noticed this. Something was up , so I sent myself a message.

WordPress 404′ed. 

After two minutes of panicking, and some quick research, I came across this forum post:

User “guigao” said that it was caused by using an input field called “name.” Sure enough, I had a field called “name.” It seemed like a relevant title, being for the submitters name..

I changed this:

<label class="description" for="name">Name</label>
<input id="element_1" name="name" type="text" maxlength="255" value="" />

to this:

<label class="description" for="myname">Name</label> 
<input id="element_1" name="myname" type="text" maxlength="255" value="" />

Uploaded it, and presto, my contact form works again.

My only theory is that somewhere, wordpress checks the the value $_POST['name'] and uses it in some way that affects the URL to cause a 404. This has been happening at most since July 7th.

This is a strange bug, that I haven’t had the chance to look into yet.

Unfortunately, I’ll probably never hear from anyone who tried to use it for the last month or even know who they were.

Has anyone seen this before? Let me know, and how you resolved it in the comments.

Responsive Design, and HTML5 Validation

You may not have noticed, but the EPIC Web Design site is now a “responsive design” This means it will adjust itself to fit any device, without having to use separate pages or styles. (more…)

If two monitors is twice as productive . . .

Welcome to the brand new EPIC Web Design blog. You’ll notice the site hasn’t changed much other than the new blog menu item. Let’s just say there’s a lot of optimization under the hood. (more…)